B2B Branded content to distribute on all social media platforms.
Credit: Producer
Companies: Sephora, Target, McDonald's
Most Guys are Losers (Feature film)
Credit: Producer
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Company: Pier Ave Films
Coming soon - Fall 2022
What Happens Next Will Shock You (feature documentary)
Credit: Producer / Editor

Company: Wild Eyes Productions

What Happens Next... takes a closer look at how different groups of people across the world have used social media. The main picture below was taken in Todos Santos, Mexico (about an hour from Cabo) during a fisherman's blockade of a hotel construction, when a corporation threatened to take over their native lands. They used Facebook to organize their efforts and protest.

In France and Belgium we spoke with survivors of the terrorists attacks and how they used Twitter to find places to hide and stay informed. (Private link available to watch)
Nailed It! Mexico! (cooking comeptition show)
Credit: Assistant Editor (Avid)
Genre: Comedy
Company: Magical Elves
Development Sizzle Reel for Reality Television
Credit: Story Producer (post) and Pitch Deck Writer
Company: Pier Ave Films
Chef Nick Liberato is extremely successful at taking restaurants that are failing and making them a money machine. This sizzle follows his journey. Two years after post-production, the concept sold to Netflix under a different name and company. It became Restaurants on the Edge.
Development Sizzle Reel for Reality Television
Credit: Story Producer
Company: Pier Ave Films
Denise Austin showed America how to work out. She started in the 80s and had a TV show for twenty years. Her daughter Katie follows her famous mother's footsteps. But the fitness world is not what it used to be. In this show, mother and daughter navigate together two different generations and business models, clashing in the most loving way.
Development Sizzle Reel for Reality Television
Credit: Story Producer
Company: Pier Ave Films
Show: Hermosa Beach is the place to be for up and coming beach volleyball players. This is where the greats come to practice and make the sport a career. This show follows a group of athletes who live walking distance from each other, practice beach volleyball together, date each other and compete for the top place at the AVP tournaments.
Development Sizzle Reel for a documentary
Credit: Story Producer
Show: This documentary uses archival footage, expert interviews, history and psychology to tell the story of the world's most famous and ruthless dictators and their relationship with their children.
Content for subscription website, 8 episodes (cooking)
Credit: Producer / Shooter / Editor
Company: Healthy Lifestyle Brands
Thirty sec videos for social media
Credit: Story producer / Editor
1- Jeff Samuels is one the most promising athletes in beach volleyball. At the time of this interview he was preparing for the 2020 Olympics (pre-pandemic).
2- A snipet in the life of athletes dating each other in the same sport.
3- Affirm contest video to warn consumers about fine print when making a purchase.
Real Estate video shocasing a property for sale.
Credit: Story producer (post) & voice over writer

Company: Private Client and Owner of Turkey Run Farms
Trailer for Food Future Institute announcing their on-site classes and teacher chefs
Credit: Editor

Company: Mathew Kenney Cuisine